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Thank You… and I Mean that!

Have you ever tasted honey? I mean straight from that little bear jar? My kids eat it right on bread. Just honey and bread. I’ve been given a spoonful of honey for a cough and almost couldn’t keep it down. It was just SO sweet I could hardly stand it. But I swallowed it. Why? Because it was good for me.

Gracious words can be hard to swallow. When someone gives you a compliment or says a kind word, how do you respond? Do you laugh it off, do you feel the need to compliment them?  What about when someone says thank you? How do you take it when someone tells you they appreciate the hard work that you’ve done? Do you downplay it?(It was no big deal!)  When you are the receiver of the compliment or thanks do you accept it gracefully? Do you say thank you but dismiss the compliment in your head? Or do you tend to discount what they are saying and minimize whatever it is. Giving a meaningful thank you can be hard. Accepting praise can be even more complicated.

When you are the receiver of the compliment or thanks do you accept it gracefully?

When someone is complimenting or thanking you they are sharing how you have impacted them. That takes courage! It’s like receiving a gift. It doesn’t matter if you feel you don’t deserve it; it is someone else’s experience of you. We avoid giving recognition when we are uncomfortable with it… Just like we avoid letting it in.

This is genuinely hard for me. I’ve been working on being intentional with telling people thank you for the work they do. I’ve been working even harder on being a gracious receiver. To say “Thank you” and mean it too.

Sweet kind words are can be hard to accept for some, when we allow ourselves to accept them, they will be sweetness to our souls. When we give them, we give that gift to others. It’s can be easier to speak those kind words  but will you allow someone to speak some sweetness into your life today?

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    Tim Fredrickson

    January 2, 2017

    Great words Tiff. A wise golfer once said that when he received praise, his only response could be ” Thank you – very much!” No more. No less.

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