Faith, From the Heart

Praise In The Morning

“When you hear the birds singing in the morning they are singing praises to their creator. They are singing praises to God!”.

 I don’t remember who told me this when I was young, but it sunk deep within. I think of this every time I hear their sweet tune greeting the morning. I especially thought of it today. Despite everything. They were still singing. 

The last couple days have brought in some typical Iowa storms.  I  like sitting with the windows open. I can hear my wind chimes softly playing, the skies rumble, and the smell of rain is in the air.  But these storms have been something else. With fierce lightning, strong winds, and causing all sorts of damage. Not the exactly sitting near a window weather.

We spent a couple hours in the basement, not sure of what damage we would wake up to.  It sounded awful. We were hearing reports of really bad damage all around.  When the wind calmed down and radar looked clean, The Hubs went out to take a glance and didn’t notice anything other than branches down.

As the sun came up I could hear the sound of the birds singing (They sing every morning but their songs sound specially sweet the morning after a storm). In the daylight we could see that we were very fortunate to only have some small branches down. The kids and I spent a better half of the morning picking up branches from our yard before the next storm rolled in. I couldn’t help but notice all the bird nests laying around the yard.

It had been a long windy night. Still the birds were able to hold tight during the storm. As dawn broke and the sun started shinning, they were singing their songs. As if singing a sweet song of praise. Thankful for another sunrise. Another day.  Do I do this? Do I hold tight during a storm. If I lost everything, if I don’t come out unharmed, will I still awake singing praises of how great my God is?  Would I trust that everything will be okay.  I pray so.

I love to imagine they are singing an old hymn. Maybe the same one they’ve been singing since the beginning of time. My Honey Girl says she thinks they are singing “Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God in the highest!” Whatever their song is. Whatever your heart song is. Don’t quit singing! Especially in the aftermath of a storm.


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