A Few Of Our Favorite Things, E-Man's Picks

Painting With Toddlers…

I do love to paint with my littles BUT lets face it, painting with a two year old isn’t exactly the most stress or mess free thing in the world.  So when a friend recommended these I just had to try them out. They quickly became a favorite and a month later we are still enjoying them and that’s why I decided they would be perfect for one  E-man’s favorite things!So what is this thing I’m talking about? WATER WOW  by Melissa and Doug. THEY ARE AWESOME!

The little pen fills with water and when they “paint” on the card the picture appears. The best part? After it dries they can do it again!  There are so many themes you can choose from. The above one that is linked is a travel one. Which has been wonderful for long car rides, church, and having him sit with us during school.

* If you get the travel one I’d recommend not putting them all on one ring. I bought some cheap rings to separate ours. Only because when the cards can’t spread out they don’t dry well.

I keep the normal ones in a work box drawer just for E-man. Again, it makes him feel apart of our day, keeps him busy, and NO MESS!

While I would love to be that mom that can bust out a craft everyday and not bat an eyelash, that just isn’t me. So for those days in between this is a perfect option. I also wish they would’ve had these when Honey Girl was little (maybe they did?). She is 6 1/2 and still has enjoyed picking them up. So there you have it. E-man’s first pick! Water Wow!

Have you found anything that has made your life easier (less stressful) when it comes to arts and crafts? Be sure to share your finds below!


*I have in no way been compensated for the above items. Nor are the links affiliated, we just love them! 

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