In The Midst Of The Unknown

I find myself yet again in the midst of the unknown. I’ve been here before. Waiting. Waiting is hard but here in this limbo, between not knowing and knowing, I find peace.

Fear… Fear of the unknown and the things I fabricate in my mind can be enough to send me down a slippery slope. The whys and what ifs fill my mind. It’s hard to get them out of my head. It doesn’t matter the situation I’m in, waiting is always hard.

I have a hard time with quieting my mind. Yet, it seems, that God always gives me things that make me have to be still and trust. To trust that He is in charge. Know that He already knows the outcome. Trusting that no matter what life throws at me He is here. Reflecting on that brings me peace in the midst of whatever this is.

As I sit in between not knowing and knowing. Waiting. Allowing God to stretch me. Grow me. Use me. Reminding me He is in control. I sit in His Grace. In his perfect timing. Letting His peace flow down to the depths of my soul. The answers and the way I seek may not be His plan. Reminding myself that His plan is better. His plan is perfect. When the frustration sets in (which it always does), I have to make that conscious choice to turn off my mind. To tell myself… To tell my soul. To trust in Him and rest in His peace. There in the midst of the unknown, He makes Himself known and there I don’t feel so lost.


Is there a time God has made you wait? Comment below.



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