A Few Of Our Favorite Things, HoneyGirls' Picks

Color With Me Mom


“What do you want to do while E-Man is napping?” I can almost always guess her answer.

Honey Girl Loves it! This girl could color all day.

 That made Honey Girls pick of one of her favorite things this month easy! We know you’ll love it too!

She LOVES anything and everything to do with art.  As soon as she could hold a crayon we would color side by side. Always in one of her cartoon character coloring books, or if I could find one we’d color in a Lisa Frank one because I was a kid in the 90’s not that long ago and who didn’t love Lisa Frank.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that adult coloring has become a thing! I bought a book right away. Just as quickly HoneyGirl claimed it as hers. “This one is so much prettier, mama.” Well she was right! So I had to hunt for another book for myself. 

While searching, I came across this fun book and decided to pre-order it.  Color With Mom  has been a coloring book we really enjoy. We can color side by side (during E-Man’s nap time). Both sides share a common theme. Both beautifully done. One side with slightly more detail than the other. Neither lacking.  If you enjoy coloring and coloring together you won’t be disappointed! 



CJ: What do you like the most about Color With Mom?

HG:  I like that I get to color with you and I like that I get to color fancy pictures and sometimes I get to help you with yours too.


*We in no way are getting compensated for this review. We just love this product!

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