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5 Must Haves for Cloth Diapering

Whether you are just starting out with cloth diapers or thinking about cloth diapering, you have probably been searching the internet for everything you’ll need to be successful. The choices between prefolds, AIO’S, Pockets and other kinds of cloth diapers go on and on. It’s enough to make your head spin. But what else are you going to need? I asked my cloth diapering friends what their must haves were. I wasn’t shocked that we pretty much all had the same list.  So here’s a list of 5 things I refuse to live without.   No matter what kind of cloth you went with, these items are sure to make your life easier!


  1. Wet bags. 2 pail liners or large sized ones AND 2 small sized ones. Yes you need both sizes.  Even if it’s a quick trip to the store you know that that’s when you’ll need to change a diaper.  Never fails. With having 2 of each size you always have one on hand while the other one is in the wash.  Trust me on this.
  2. Diaper Sprayer Shield . No it’s not just a gimmick. These things are totally worth the money. One bad diaper and you’ll totally see what I mean. I really don’t enjoy scrubbing down walls or getting back-splash in the face… Yup I went there. I went with a spray pal but if that’s not in your budget here’s a DIY spray shield for a fraction of the cost  by my friend Quincey at A Slightly Better Wife
  3. Diaper sprayer. Yes you need one and not a cheap one. A good sprayer. I have one that connects right to the toilet. It’s either that or dunking and hand scrubbing. A good sprayer will save you time. Especially unnecessary time splashing in the toilet. Not only that but this will help get them clean, avoid ammonia build up, and cut washing time down.
  4. Cloth safe rash cream. They definitely are not all created equal. I have a child with eczema and very sensitive skin so we’ve tried just about all there is to try. Many people swear by coconut oil, which does work well.  I personally prefer CJ’s butter. Not only does it come in some really good scents. It actually works! Even on really nasty rashes! We use it all the time. This will probably be one of those things I keep on hand beyond cloth diapering years.   If you’re not sure that a cream you’re using is cloth safe then always always add a liner!
  5. Good detergent and a great wash routine. Sorry but this is one you have to discover on your own. You can read all the blogs that tell you exactly how to; but chances are they won’t work for you.  I cloth diaper with a front loader and an all natural detergent.(THE HORROR!)  Most places you look will tell you that you can’t do it that way. If you use one or the other your diapers won’t get clean. I’ll admit we did combat ammonia build ups for a while and I  felt like I was constantly stripping my dipes. We found out our washer wasn’t cleaning they way it should and about a week after that it died on us. We found ourselves looking for another washer and I again went with a front loader. (Side note, if you decide to get a front loader look for one with an “add water” feature). I had to learn a whole different routine with a new washer.  A year later and we’ve had zero problems with build up since then. Anytime we needed a little boost we’ve washed with Rockin’ Green and problems solved.  Again these detergents may not work for you and that’s OK. My routine probably won’t work for you either. It’s a try it and see kinda thing. 


*I in no way am getting or have been compensated for the mention of any of the above products. I only mention specific ones because I love them!

So there you have it. 5 things I can’t live without. What do you think of this list? What are/were your must haves?

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