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Looking Back

Spring Snow

Waking up on the second of May to 10 inches of snow is not normal! No, not even in northern Iowa. We had a weekend of such nice weather, it got up to 80 degrees one day! Then we wake the next day to this. I’ll admit I was not very happy, and from people at work to all the Facebook posts, I think it’s safe to say that neither was anyone else.  

With the exception of my sweet HoneyGirl. As we sat looking out at the snow she was all smiles. “mommy, God made the snow right?” Yes he did. “and he made it soooo sparkly!” “it’s berry pwetty right mommy!”

Now what am I to say to that other then “your right it is very pretty”. It seems to me that a child tends to find the beauty in just about anything. They can remind us of things, and help us see things in a whole different way.

This spring snow will soon melt. Bringing nice  weather, and flowers. Maybe we can go outside and build one last snowman and enjoy God’s beautiful sparkly snow 🙂

From the Heart

Learning to Love Reading

I was called out of the classroom yet again. I told everyone that I had been chosen to try out one of the cool new computers, I even got to play games on them. I didn’t want to be labeled as one of the those kids. The truth was I liked to read but I wasn’t very good at it. I needed help and this is how it was offered to me. Oh, how I was envious of that one girl. She always seemed to be able to read the big books. The best books. I wasn’t able to check them out. They weren’t my level. No, I’d never be any good at reading. Why bother. 

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