A Few Of Our Favorite Things, E-Man's Picks

Books For Busy Little Boys

E-Man has recently turned 3. It wasn’t until the last few months that he would sit through a whole book. This was quite different from Honey Girl who would sit through book after book at 6 months old. I wasn’t sure how to handle this at first. There was no making him sit still. We searched far and wide. I so badly wanted him to love books as much as I do but didn’t know how to make that happen. While I don’t know if E-Man will grow up to love books as much as I hope he will, we have found books that he truly loves. Through these he has learned that books can be fun! 

Little books for little hands

There is no real “meat” to these but they were short enough to match his attention span. They are small enough for littles to carry around and look at whenever they feel. I can’t tell you how many times we read these over and over. We have many about truck and construction vehicles. These come in about anything your child would be interested in.



Touch and Feel

These are great at keeping little hands busy!  Kids love feeling different textures. The learn through multi-sensory experiences.  Touch and feel books allow children to experience a book through sight, feel, and hearing while you read!


We tried these by chance.  Again my daughter would sit through these no problem but to be honest we didn’t even try these with E-Man until later on. Being that he didn’t seem interested at all with books, we didn’t even bother with some classics. We were given Good Night Moon and it quickly became his favorite! The soothing sound of rhyming along with captivating pictures had him quickly hooked. He brought us this book (and still does) over and over again. Once we saw how much he loved it, I got out Brown Bear Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Once again he LOVED them! I guess they are called classics for a reason!


Scanimation Picture Books (by Rufus Butler Seder)

I read while E-man acts out the actions. It kept him moving (and still does).  There are so many different topics to choose from. We personally love Waddle. “Can you WADDLE like a penguin?” ” Can you HOP like a frog?”  We received this book for Honey Girl (now 6) when she was born and she still likes to act out the pages while I read. Any book that they can do actions to while you read will keep them engaged.


Interactive Books

Of all the books we have, these are E-Man’s favorites! I’m sure that there are many many different kinds and titles but I’m going to focus on the ones he loves (after all this is one of E-Man’s Picks). He first received “Mouse About The House” for Christmas.  As you read of Mouse’s adventure, your little one will love to follow the dotted lines and move mouse along to the slot on each page. Don’t worry if Mouse goes missing! There are instructions on how to make a replacement or you can order a new one. I can’t tell you how much E-Man LOVES this book. It has been taped and re-taped many times.  It keeps him totally engaged and focused on the story. He loves to “read” this book back to me. We have since ordered “A Squirrel’s Tale”. We read each of these several times a day.


If your child doesn’t appear to love books, keep going, don’t give up! You will find one that works for your busy little one! If he (or she) doesn’t want to sit still while your read know that that’s OK! They are still listening. It may seem like an uphill battle but it is worth it in the end!

Comment below on some of your favorite books for busy littles!




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    Katy Rose

    June 30, 2017

    Llama llama books were a hit with my little guy. I don’t think he’s as busy as your son, he loves reading “I can read” chapter books before nap time! Thank you for more book suggestions, I can’t wait to check out the interactive ones!

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      July 13, 2017

      I haven’t tried the llama llama books! E-man’s favorite is definitely “Mouse About The House”. 🙂

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