2017-2018 Curriculum 2nd Grade

Our school year had a rough beginning due to illnesses. It seems like we have finally hit our groove. Here’s a look at what we’re using this school year for 2nd grade. 

Penmanship: A Reason For Handwriting B. We have really enjoyed this curriculum and it seems to be a perfect fit for my HoneyGirl. Each lesson contains copy work. At the end of the week the student copies a verse, in her best writing, onto a sheet that they may tear out and color. This is her favorite part. She thinks about who she can give the verse to each week. Sometimes we keep it but usually she sends it off.

Thankful Journal. We started this from the beginning. I don’t correct handwriting or spelling in this one. I do, however, make sure the date is written correctly. She likes drawing a lot so these journals were perfect for what we needed. It’s also so fun to see how far shes come since kindergarten!

Reading/Spelling: All About Reading 3 and All About Spelling 2. This year we have been taking spelling a little slower and focusing on reading. I’ve found that as she becomes a stronger reader spelling seems to become easier and easier. We had planned on continuing these programs throughout the summer but it just didn’t happen. I did require her to read 30 minutes everyday. When we started up our school year again her reading and spelling had improved so much more than I could have every imagined. Don’t discount the power of reading!

Math: Abeka Math Grade 2. This one has been harder to get use to. Abeka had updated the last two years that we’ve used. The 2nd grade curriculum has not been upgraded. While I’m sure the information is the same. The layout isn’t what I was use to and seems to not flow as well. But I’m adjusting.

Art: Homeschool Art DVD Grade 2. We have really enjoyed these DVD’S. It’s nice to be able to let her watch and do this on her own. This year Abby started out excited to start this DVD. She ended up not enjoying this one as much as the others. I think it was due to the fact that each project is centered around fairy tales and she found them quite boring. I have the Grade 3 DVD on the way and am hoping she will enjoy that one better.

You may notice that this years list a whole lot smaller than last years. This year we decided to take a “less is more” approach and are focusing on building a strong foundation in Reading, Writing, and Math.  We’ve been spending lots of time outside (before winter sets in) and reading. Lots and lots of reading. Me reading to her, her reading to me (or E-man), and her reading independently.

You can find what we did in 1st grade here.




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