2016-2017 Curriculum: 1st Grade

I absolutely love hearing what everyone else is using; so here is a sneak peak into our curriculum.

Reading/Spelling: All About Reading Level 2 and All About Spelling level 1. I can’t say enough good things about All About Learning Press. It’s easy to use. Gives you step by step directions. It allows you to work at your child’s pace. I love it and HoneyGirl loves it! Both of these we will be starting where we left off last year.

Math: Abeka Math Grade 1. I have to say that math is NOT my favorite subject. We used Abeka last year and I thought it was ok. It was thorough but I wasn’t sure I liked the teaching method. However, HoneyGirl LOVED it and will be the first to tell you that math IS her favorite subject. I decided “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” So far I’m glad we have stuck with it.

Penmanship: A Reason For Handwriting A and Handwriting Without Tears (grade 2). I had purchased ARFH last year mostly because I wanted to see what it looked like. Then it sat on our shelf. I wanted HoneyGirl to have more print practice before we tackle cursive so I grabbed it off the shelf and we really like it! She has enjoyed writing her verse each week and thoughtfully picking who to send it to. Once we are done we will continue on with HWT. I love how simple it is, yet is still a strong curriculum.

Writing: IEW: PAL Writing. Last year we attempted this but we weren’t sure how to go about it. Here’s to round two!

Science: God’s Design for Science: Picking up where we left off last year. I love that this can be used for multiple ages at the same time! It’s easy to understand and any projects can be adapted for younger ones.

Social Studies: Abeka K5. Again Starting where we left off.

Art: Homeschool Art Studio Grade 1. HoneyGirl LOVES art. (She does not get that ability from me!) This is something she can do with minimal help from me. Which is great with a toddler around!

History: This year we will be listening to the Classical Conversations CD. We will be reading Story Of The World as well.

Bible: Adventure Bible Book of Devotions for Early Readers (NIrV). For memory work we are focusing on the memory work she get from Sparks.

We also participate in a co-op every other week that include Music, Art, Gym, and Spanish. We have been working on Spanish throughout the week.


UPDATE: (FALL 2017) I get overwhelmed just by looking at this list! I think it’s only fair to update you on what we kept and what we changed.


A Reason For Handwriting.

All About About Reading (moved up to level 3).

Abeka Math 1

God’s Design For Science

Homeschool Art Dvd 1



Handwriting without Tears. We did like this program to give her a gentle introduction to handwriting. We will most likely use it with our son when he gets ready. The next step was cursive and we didn’t feel she was ready for that in 1st grade.

IEW -PAL Writing: As much as I wanted to love this program I just did not. It was confusing and hard to follow. All About Reading/Spelling seems to flow better and works better for our family.

Abeka Social Studies: We finished up what we had left over from kindergarten and then didn’t continue with it. I found most of the things common sense and it had taken so long to get through because my daughter was bored with it.

History: Another example of something has to give. We decided to find books at the library and read versus having anything structured for this age.

I’ve heard it a million times yet I still had a hard time grasping it. LESS IS MORE! In these younger years focus on the building a foundation in Reading, Writing, and Math. And read read read! Read to them every chance you get. When they are able to read on their own, continue to read to them, even when they can read on their own. 


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